My top 10 apps of 2015

As the year comes to an end it is time to highlight apps that have made my life easier in 2015. I have not reviewed most of these apps, but I’m sure once you download them you’ll find them really useful.

1. Venmo- Free

Easiest way to pay your friends when you’re out without any fees. A MUST for everyone.

2. VSCO Cam- Free

Best photo editing software for Instagram and other social media.

3. Hopper – Free

Hopper is your own travel agency in your pocket. Find out when it’s best to travel along with the cheapest rate. Check out my review.

4. Unroll.Me- Free

Amazing service that allows you to unsubscribe from pesky newsletters by swiping to the left. Check out my review.

5. Snapchat- Free

The easiest way to share quick pictures with your friends. Pictures sent disappear after 10 seconds or 24 hours depending if you put them on your story or just send them to a friend privately.

6. Seamless- Free

Food delivery service across New York City and select cities across the US.

7. Gett- Free

If you’re in NYC this is a must; $10 rides anywhere in Manhattan below 110th street.

8. Heads Up! – Free

A fun party game that I reviewed a couple of weeks ago.

9. VHS Camcorder- $3.99

Camera filter that will make you feel like you’re using an old VHS Camcorder. Worth it! You’ll have so much sharing it with friends.

10. Robinhood – Free

Free Stock trading.


Happy New Year!



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