Heads Up!

Heads Up is not necessarily the newest app on the App Store, but over my
IMG_1628Thanksgiving break I was surprised at how many of my friends did not know about this app. Heads Up is my favorite game to play at parties, family gatherings or friend hangouts. Designed by Ellen Degeneres, Heads Up resembles the board game Taboo.

The goal of the game is to guess the word on the screen by receiving clues from the other players. The player put the phone on his forehead while the other players try not to say the word on the screen. The app goes beyond the regular guessing game and records every players’ moves and lets everyone view the video at the end. I can tell you from personal experiences, the faces some people can make will have you laughing for days. The player guessing the word tilts the phone up to pass the word and tilts it down when the word is guessed correct.

There are multiple categories available to play such as Superstars, Act it out, Accents & Impressions, and “Hey Mr. DJ” to name a few. More categories are available to purchase In-app (Star Wars, NYC, As Seen on TV, Super Heroes are some) for $0.99/deck.

Download this game and play it with you family or friends during the holiday season. I have even spiced it up and made it a bet, let’s just say I made about $40 from playing Heads Up with family.




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