Watson Trend

The holidays are just around the corner and that means that holidayIMG_1620 shoppers are racing to get their loved ones the best gifts. Of course, the holiday season is not just about giving, but it can be nice to get that part out of the way as soon as possible. With Black Friday behind us, those who still don’t know what to give their friends or family members are in for a treat. IBM released an app called Watson Trend and it is to help shoppers stay up to date on the latest trends.

The app is divided into 4 categories (All, Tech, Toys, and Health). The algorithms behind the app use real consumer behavior and gives users data on what retailers are relying on the most this holiday season. Some of the current trends include Samsung TVs, Apple Watches, Star Wars Legos, and Nike Running shoes.

Once a product is clicked, users are able to see the story and numbers behind the trend, customer reviews and pictures of the item. The app is even able to forecast the future trend of every particular item. Go ahead and recommend this app to any holiday shopper looking to relieve some stress.

Watson Trend is available as a free download on iOS devices only (Sorry Android Users).

Update: Android Version is now available



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