Opinion: Apple Music or Spotify

Spotify and Apple Music are both powerful streaming services. It has been 3 months since I started using Apple Music and my free trial is coming to an end, so I feel comfortable writing this review. Here are some of the things I found.


There is a notable color difference when it comes to both interfaces. Apple went with their traditional color white while Spotify has a dark theme. The biggest difference in both is navigation. When I first started using Apple Music, I could not find the icon on my home screen. After a quick Google search, I learned that Apple had integrated the service into their Music app. Now, within the Music app you have 5 selections (For you, New, Radio, Connect, and My Music). Compared to Spotify’s stand alone app, the selections are a bit easier to understand (Search, Browse, Activity, Radio, Your Music, and Settings). While there is a similarity in the options, it took me a bit to find the search button for Apple Music (located on the top right hand). Overall, I won’t complain about Apples elegant interface, but Spotify makes it easier to search new music.


Both Apple and Spotify have over 30 million songs. At the same time, both services lack well-known artists like Coldplay, Prince, Taylor Swift (only available on Apple Music), and Adele’s latest album 25. Apple allows IMG_1604you to stream music videos within the app, which Spotify doesn’t offer. The biggest win from Apple comes with its integration of iTunes. Every song that you have already bought is integrated within the app.
The way streaming and making a playlist works is similar in both apps. A streaming radio is offered at no charge (with AD interruptions) on both services. Apple’s Beats 1 Radio station puts Apple on top with a real radio station featuring guest DJs like Zedd, Diplo, and Drake to name some. Beats 1 is available 24/7 and is broadcasted from New York, Los Angeles, and London.

IMG_1600What both services are great at, is letting users find new music. Apple’s For You tab and Spotify’s Browse has curated playlist based on what time of day it is. Spotify has been known for including a playlist, Discover Weekly, that is tailored to the user’s music taste. Algorithms FTW.

Social Media

Apple launched Apple Music with a big emphasis on Artist interacting with their fans through a feature called Connect. Users can like and comment on their favorite artists’ latest post and can listen to their music directly. Spotify offers a similar feature, but where it puts Apple to shame is music sharing. Artist to User interaction is great, but if you create a playlist on Apple Music you will not able to share it with a friend. Spotify connects users together by letting users follow each other and share any playlist they wish to.


Last but not least, How much is each service? Thanks to the generous 3 month trial from Apple, I have paid $o. Their monthly cost is $10, but a family plan with up to 6 users for only $14.99/month. Spotify offers a similar plan at the same rate, but only 2 people are allowed on the plan. An individual plan on Spotify is $9.99. In order to compete with Apple’s 3-month trial, Spotify offers a 3-month trial for $0.99.

Note: Spotify has a $4.99/moth student plan.


As much as I love Apple itself, I am going to stick with Spotify. Why? I have used it for a while now and most of the playlist I use on a daily basis reside on Spotify. Don’t get me wrong, Apple Music is great, but it is something to get used to if you are willing to make the jump.


Apple Music 8/10

Spotify 9/10


Here are some more app screenshots:


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