What if I showed you an app that could reduce the spam in your inbox by simply swiping to the left. Well, let me be the one to introduce you to Unroll.me.  Unroll.me cleans up your inbox and unsubscribes you from newsletters that annoy you. While this is not a new app, I did find it while surfing through the New App section as they recently updated the overall design.

Let’s face it, we all have that annoying newsletter we subscribed to just to get 25% off an item. I have no shame in saying that I cheat the system and even make multiple emails in order to keep getting coupons (which is something everyone should do). Unroll.me found 132 (I can’t even name 10) newsletters in my inbox. If any of y’all are familiar with the app, Tinder, then the Unroll.me layout will be familiar. Here’s how it works:

  • Sign into the app using your current email client
  • Unroll.me surfs through your email and looks for any newsletter subscriptions
  • Swipe Left to unsubscribe, Swipe right to keep receiving emails.


There is another option, to swipe up. The “rollup” feature allows you to swipe up and letting Unroll.me know that you want to keep receiving the emails, but don’t want to see them. Wait, what? Unroll will blend all your rollups into a single email. Pretty cool, huh?

The first question that comes to mind when an app is requesting my email login, is this safe? It is a bit ironic to “subscribe” to an “unsubscribing” app, but so far everything seems to be working smoothly. Most people have security in mind, which is why Unroll.me has added a category for this on their FAQ section. Services like Gmail and Outlook offer authentication services that prevent Unroll.me from seeing your password. Other clients like Yahoo and Apple do not currently offer an authentication service, but Unroll.me “…takes exceptional care to protect the user login information it does have access to.”

Overall, the design and functionality the app has attracted me to download it and give it a try. The security might be something people might be scared of, but Unroll.me has your back! It was a bit hard to believe at first, but as I used the app my inbox started seeing a decline in spam newsletters.

Unroll.me is available as a free download on both iOS and Android devices. Try it out and leave a comment describing your experience.


Here are some app screenshots:


Featured logo provided by Unroll.me 


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