Thanksgiving break is around the corner for many college students and for those that go beyond their hometowns for school, travel is necessary. According to a research by Campus Explorer, New York City is home to 594,000 college students. Of course, not all 594,000 are out state students, but a good majority of this number come from another state in the US (or country). The task for most of the students is finding the cheapest flights out of NYC during the Thanksgiving or Christmas breaks. Hopper, a travel app, uses millions of flight prices in order to tell users when they should fly and buy their tickets. The uniqueness of this app is that it monitors prices 24/7, keeping you from constantly refreshing prices other travel websites.

With Hoppers “Watch a Trip” feature, the user can leave the app and Hopper will make sure to score the best deal for you. The algorithms behind the app allows Hopper to make sure you buy your flight now before prices increase. When a fare is about to decrease or increase in price Hopper alerts you via a push notification.

“When to Fly” is another feature that showcases colorful calendars that predict what days prices tend to be high. Calendars are color coded in green, yellow, orange, and red to show the lowest to highest prices, respectively. Along with different dates, the app makes sure to check if it’s cheaper to fly into another airport in the area.

Unlike most competitors out there, the user is able to purchase the flight within the app; eliminating the need travel to another website. The only drawback is that Hopper will charge a $5 commission, but that fee is already included in the initial flight price.

The simplicity of the design makes it easy to surf around the app. This app is for those looking to cut back on flight prices during peak periods. While there is a notable absence from low-cost carriers like Southwest, Hopper works with all of the major US and International airlines. Hopper is available as a free download on the App Store for both iOS and Android devices.


Here are some app screenshots:

Hopper Screenshots


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